scoops of gelato

About Us

Always Made From Scratch

Our Story

Inspired by our rich European roots, we sought to bring the authentic and sophisticated flavors of Italy to the United States.

Our products are made from scratch daily using all-natural ingredients. We specialize in making sugar free, soy-based, vegan, alcohol-based and yogurt gelato. The secret to our special recipes is in the process — Baci Gelato uses the highest grade, state-of-the-art machinery imported from Italy, ensuring consistent quality and freshness.

close up of a woman's hand with red nails holding up a cone with gelato
person adding a fresh batch of gelato to a metal tub

Our gelato is smoother and creamier than regular ice cream, and all of our sorbettos are non-dairy and fat-free. At Baci Gelato, there is a flavor for everyone.  

We craft our Gelato with authentic Italian ingredients that are handpicked seasonally to deliver new fresh flavors to restaurants and Gelaterias in the New York tri-state area.

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